Operation Sheep-O-Rama 2009

Map of Operation Sheep-O-Rama - Sebastopol, CA to River Falls, WI

Here is the story of my journey from the Bay Area of California all the way to River Falls, WI to pick up my sheep. Along for the ride was my sister Jennifer, who was equally lacking in experience with driving a big ass 4x4 truck or driving in snowy/icy road conditions, let alone with livestock on board. So here's the lowdown on the 1 truck, 2 girls, 5 days, 10 sheep, and 4,200 miles that were......Operation Sheep-O-Rama. This is the initial map I put together for the trip, with tentative stopping points along the way.

Road sign warning on I-80
Frozen winedshield washing "liquid"
Bone-chilling COLD
Keeping food cool on the truck dashboard
Oil check in Ames, IA
The sheep in River Falls, WI
Sheep having last meal before being loaded into my truck for the journey to CA
Snow falling on windshield
Nightdriving in snow
All 10 ewes in truck - a tight fit