Bleating Heart Cheese enjoyed a decade of cheesemaking in California.

Our last remaining cheeses were sold in 2019.

It was our immense pleasure to share our handcrafted, award-winning

"American Original" cheeses with all those who supported us.

This site is no longer being updated,

but all content about our cheeses and our history will remain here.


Raw Milk • Natural Rind • Aged 2-3 months
Mixtress: mixed milk cheese made from a blend of sheep and Jersey cow milk

We are totally committed to our sheep milk cheeses here at Bleating Heart, but the sheep milk is seasonal, subjecting us to a long 6 month dry spell. Even when things get going again, it takes a while for the milk to really start flowing enough to meet our needs. So what’s an insatiable cheesemaker to do? We fulfilled our bawdy appetite by blending luscious jersey cow milk with the beloved sheep milk. This 50/50 sheep-cow blend left us feeling quite satisfied and we named our new creation: Mixtress.

We are proud to admit that we prefer our molds a little wild, so we let the rind develop spontaneously, gently brushing it once a week to keep it from getting too crazy. The buttery-yellow paste has a few small holes and contrasts beautifully with the natural rind. Intriguing flavor notes include nutty essence from the sheep milk and buttery goodness from the jersey milk. Despite its short time on the market when it first launched in 2012, Mixtress managed to make it onto the cheese roster at various tasting classes at the Cheese School in SF, several restaurants featured it on their menu, and it was also written up as one of 12 California Cheeses Everyone Should Know.  After a year and half hiatus due to milk constraints, we are happy to report that this cheese is back in regular production. We will be making this off and on during sheep milk season.

Still Available!