Four Square (SOLD OUT)

Blend of 4 Milks • Washed Rind • Aged 2-3 months
Bleating Heart Four Square mixed milk cheese logo - cow, sheep, goat, water buffalo

Where cows, sheep, goats and water buffalo play together. Behold Four Square....the only American-made 4 milk cheese we know of - how about you? Each of the 4 milk types that go into this one-of-a-kind cheese come from within a 10 mile radius of our creamery. There aren't many places on earth where one has access to cow, sheep, goat and water buffalo milk, all within a 15 minute drive! The cheese is made in small batches with an equal blend of the 4 milks, then it is ripened on redwood planks in our aging rooms for 2 to 3 months, where it is faithfully washed with a light brine every few days. This raw milk, square-shaped beauty has a sunset orange rind which contrasts with the creamy, lip-smacking ivory paste. Do you wanna play?

cutting the curd for Four Square mixed milk cheese
1 day old wheels of Four Square mixed milk cheese
Bleating Heart Four Square mixed milk cheese